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Ready to RECLAIM
your life?!

Enough feeling stuck!
Enough feeling uninspired!
Enough going through the motions of life!

This is your life and it's meant to be lived!
You ready to get started?!

Let's Go!

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I'm Kristy Rooney
Speaker |  Teacher | CTI trained Coach   

But really I'm just a woman who selfishly wants to live in world where where everyone fearlessly lives through their unbound selves...souls free to create/express/exist in flow!

If you feel stuck in a place of "blah" thinking that there has to be more to life than this... I'm here to tell you... THERE IS!! You were meant to feel ALIVE, you were meant to to feel FULFILLED, you were meant to have PEACE, you were meant to experience crazy JOY! To put a finer point on it... you were meant the ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF LIFE!!

What if I told you that this biggest enemy against all of this is actually your biology?! What?! It's not you. It's not your lack of anything. It's not your fate. It's your soul operating in a physical body not set up for dreams, goals and desires.

I created The Engagement Map as a tool to help others gain control of their lives. If you're ready to do the work of taking your power back... I'm here with you every step of the way! I can't wait to get started!!

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Feeling ALIVE is really just being fully engaged in the things that makes our souls soar! We are lead to believe that those things don't have a place in the "real world", that we can either have our dreams or we can live in reality... and reality usually wins. 

The secret is that everyday, in every circumstance, we have a choice and a chance to grab life by the reigns and direct ourselves to the place that brings us peace and fulfillment. 

The Engagement Map is my foundational course that all my other work is built on. If you are new here, this is where to start! You will learn the Six States of Engagement and how movement naturally happens between the states that make up the map. (Spoiler alert: If you let this movement happen naturally you will always end up in a place of stuck static! It's not your fault! But you will no longer be at its mercy!)


This course will give you the insight to be an active participant in your life... intentionally navigating which states you will reside in and watching out for the dead-end roads of the mundane. 

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Speaking & Live Workshops


"You've changed my life!

I tell everyone to make sure

they attend your sessions!"

2022 Event Calendar
April 11              COABE National Conference Session Presenter  Seattle, WA
April 22              Riverland Community College Key Note Speaker  Austin, MN   Private Event
September 24      Kalila Women's Wellness Retreat                Austin, MN   Tix Available Soon
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