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"Life just seems to be passing me by."

"I'm stuck in a rut."

"Everyone else seems to have figured out life,

I must have missed the day instructions were given out!"

I have worked with enough people to confidently tell you two things...

  • You probably feel like you're the only one... but you're NOT!!

  • It's possible to feel ALIVE, IN CONTROL, AND FULL OF PEACE!

You were created to have healthy relationships with others and our world. Feeling "off" or "blah" are common signs that it's time to do some self-care to move back into engagement.
I have taken all the work I've done and all my teachings from different conferences and put them all
together in one course. I wanted to make sure you got the full scope of enagement work and all
the tools to help you feel like yourself again (or maybe for the first time!)
The Six Levels of Engagement 
From Frozen to Flow. I will thoroughly explain each level, how it works from a healthy and unhealthy point, and how to move up or down based on your situation... for any situation!
Those times you're feeling "blah"?
You were at a "Static" Level.
You want to feel something more... you just don't know what or how? There's hope! I promise!! I poured myself into the course for the sole purpose of reviving passion back into your life. It gives me so much joy to help you with this!
I created my Six Levels of Engagement into a tool you can use as a continually "thermometer" to help build intention and curiosity into your life.
The Six Levels of Engagement is the heart of the course. But order to help you take it to a deeper level I added my BrainWorks and SoulWorks material and made them more robust with more learning tools then I've ever been able to use in my previous live sessions.

"When you understand how your brain, mind, and thoughts work (and sometimes seem to work against you) you can start to live a life closer to who you are truly meant to be."

When we don't understand the science behind how our brain works,

we claim it as our identity and process our lives out of it. 

"Other people were able to make this diet work... I just must love donuts too much!"

"Good for them... they figured it out... I just don't have what it takes."

"I'm just lazy."

"I"ve tried. I can't."

We hear these thoughts and assume they must be true! The truth is that our brains have a powerful autopilot system that is motivated primarily by fear and conserving energy! In this eight lesson module you will learn all about the brain, how it operates and how to win more "brain battles"!


A soul living it's purpose provides a life of joy and contentment. Unfortunately, we collect a lot of emotional baggage as we go through life which can get in the way of living up to our potential. SoulWorks will cover specific barriers that will help you clear out some internal chaos to clear space for peace and intention.

Over 40 lessons Short enough to cut to the point. Powerful enough to change your life!
Included are: Videos, Meditations, Work Sheets, Printables
Go through at your own pace. Take your time to process.
Rewatch sections when you need. Join the conversation on the Facebook Group.
Coming Summer 2020!
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Week One

Brain Works





[How your brain works

(& sometimes works against you)

and what you can do about it.]


Week Two

Mind Works






[The power of presence.]

Week Three

Thought Works





[You are NOT your thoughts!

The power thoughts have to

sabotage or propel you forward.]


Week Four

Value Works







[Living inside your values

and the pitfalls when you don't.]



I've learned some of

these pieces before,

but you really

helped me see, for the

first time, how they

all fit together.

No one has ever taught

me this.  Why haven't

I heard this until now?

I think my life may have

gone differently.

I really enjoyed your

session. It was so

interesting!  What other resources do you have?

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