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Bring Kristy to your group!

Corporate trainings to community groups, Kristy is able

to offer short sessions to all-day workshops. 

  • The Engagement Map

         We all work best when we are fully engaged in our work, our relationships, our world. Why does it seem then, that we get stuck so easily in a cycle of disengaged same-ole? The Engagement Map will be explained as a tool that can be used in every area of life to move past the mundane and into really living. It covers the Six States of Engagement, how movement between the states work, both consciously and unconsciously, and what neuroscience has taught us about how our brains seem to work against us when we try to move forward in our lives. This session will help participants move past mental/emotional barriers and will help rekindle passion for their life and their work.

This topic can be modified to fit the theme or goal of your event. It can be done as a talk or a talk/workshop. 

Session Fees vary depending on speaking/session desires and size of group. 

I look forward to talking to you about how we can make your next event/training powerful! Email


No one has ever taught

me this.  Why haven't

I heard this until now?

I think my life may have

gone differently.

I really enjoyed your

session. It was so

interesting!  What other resources do you have?

I've learned some of

these pieces before,

but you really

helped me see, for the

first time, how they

all fit together.


2019 April 1 COABE National Conference New Orleans, LA | April 10  MN ABE professional development- Private Event | August 14 - LAN Summer Institute St. Cloud, MN | October 2 Austin Public Schools, Austin, MN - Private Event | October 7 -  Kansas State UniversityWorkforce Innovation Conference Wichita, KS | November 1 - ATLAS South Regional Conference Mankato, MN | November 2 - Literacy Action Network Webinar

2018 August 15 Summer Institute  St. Cloud, MN | October 12 SE MN Annual Meeting (ABE) Austin, MN |

October 13 Night of Neuroscience and Inspiration Chicago, IL |November 2 ATLAS South Regional Mankato, MN

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