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Intuitive Readings

  • 10 Card Celtic Cross Readings

  • Coaching Style Delivery

  • Complex 10 page Master Report

    • Details on Card Positions

    • Details on Each Card

    • "Bringing it Together"

  • Quick Turn Around (48 hours or less)

  • Get the insight you desire to move forward in life! The Universe has no desire for life to be a complete mystery.

God's desire for you is for you to be living through your greatest good. Using ancient symbolism, beautiful art, and the journey of the fool through Jungian archetypes; Kristy will decode your tarot message to get to the heart of what you need right now. Your reading may include confirmations, warnings, or advice, but Kristy will also take the time to process the message for you in a coaching style. 

Get Direction On...

  • Love|Relationships

  • Career

  • Understanding Personal Barriers

  • Self Realization


Hi! I'm Kristy! Most websites send your reading request to a random person, and you become just another number. All the readings from this site come from only me! I'm an intuitive,mystic,and energy healer. I am also a neuro-mindset speaker and coach. I've always been attuned to the Spiritual Nature of life. Realizing that I always related to God through the mystic lens, I explored different modalities in working with the Spirit of God that fills and operates the Universe. I felt a special connection to tarot and realized that I had a special gift with it. I believe the Universe is always willing to send us messages to lead us to our greatest good, and tarot is a beautiful and usually direct way to hear messages. I gain great joy every time a client tells me how freeing a reading was for them. I look forward to working with you! I have a BS in Bible and a "day job" in education in the beautiful, and only sometimes freezing, state of Minnesota.

There are a lot of misconceptions about tarot. I only work with light and for the greatest good for my self and my clients. There is nothing "scary" about my work.

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Personal Reactions to Kristy's Readings...

[Current reviews excerpts edited for clarity and privacy.]

"This was exactly what my intuition was telling me, I just wasn't listening. A few days after the reading I asked my guides why I don't hear them clearly and they said as clear as day "What do you think Kristy's reading was?!" Wow! Thanks again!" -Stacy

"This was a great reading. I really appreciate the depth and care that you put into it. Just all around great. You were completely right. The whole reading was amazing. I have had readings in the past that were of various depth and some that were very short and didn’t explain well. I feel like you really got me and the situation. You really took the time to explain the cards to me and e plain what they could mean. You did amazing! The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!" -Kelly

My God, this reading was a little eye opening. It was like she could peek into what was going on in my mind and figured it out. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward.What I like most is that she didn't try to sugarcoat the 'bad' things. It was very well put together and quite interesting to read. Thank you so much. -Breana

Thank you! You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward.I knew this internally and I loved the insight and honesty i feel content because i can now move on peacefully!

I just have to say, WOW! You hit the nail on the head. I found this reading to be incredibly sincere yet concise! I feel your universal presence in the reading and felt a real sense of connection through this. I also want to admit that I was hoping to have a Celtic cross performed, but I didn't want to stifle you as the reader to do something specific. Your intuition for me was right on the money and I want to thank you as this is exactly the reading I was needing to push myself.She gave me wonderful action items and I was able to connect the true meanings of this reading.The reading was done with such support and grace.your mastery and delivery is remarkable." -Steven

She was able to tell me majority of the details that I needed to know and she was good at reading the energies.She was spot on about the relationship and the people involved in the relationship.she's perfect." -Shamilee

wow Kristy! You nailed it and confirmed what I've been feeling about the situation between Nick and I. You are a natural as I gave you little back-story to go on. She has a simple and to the point delivery, which I love. Kristy was really able to shine a new light on my path and where I need to go to find my "happily ever after". Kristy was able to pick- up on the codependency of the relationship between Nick and I. Also, she "saw" the reason behind us not moving forward in a truly fulfilling relationship as him not truly healing from his past one.Kristy is awesome!!" -Karapin

"Hi kristy! You are an Angel woman!! Thank u million times for this gift ! Am so happy to know i m really someone! I had always wanna to be someone big in life my dear! Yes indeed,i think my dad s and oldrt brother malign energy were holding me back and believing the world is not a good and safe place to be ! I think well, this is their thing,not mine. Maybe i grew up having a weak eyesight because my inner light was slow by slow diminishing because of their biig inffluence.This reading has much impact and is.very enlightning for me dear!!! Thank you so much. I also feel that the reading, and i m feeling.that i can be IRON WOMAN!!!Your huge inner light, and positivity! You shine your brightness like a sun!! Keep your power up my.dear! This is huge!!" -Madon

How to get the most out of your reading...

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