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How many times have you set a goal for yourself
only to give up after a few days and then feel like shit?

You are not alone! There's nothing wrong with you...
your biology is actually working exactly as it should...
which is the problem!

It's time to cut through the fuckery!

Aligning our soul desires
(and who we know we are deep down inside!)
with our actions is the only way to truly feel alive!

But wanting it is NOT enough!

You have to understand how your mind, brain, and body work
(and are working AGAINST you!!)
in achieving your dreams.

Without understanding these core concepts you
are likely to fail EVERY TIME!

And spoiler alert: It's not your fault... it's your biology!

Join me and a group of kickass women
as we move past the wanting to life of badass soul following!  

What are we doing here?

5 WEEKS  +  LIFE CHANGING TRUTHS  +                         =  
Online Group Workshop
Tuesdays, May 3- 31   7pm
{CST}| 8pm {EST}| 5pm {PST}
60-90 minutes depending on the night

SESSION ONE :  Major learning night


Private Online Group


Option to add One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Kristy
In this time of getting serious about
all the support you need will be available to you.
(additional fee)

Who is this workshop for?

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Your Coach & Facilitator

Kristy Rooney Wanna talk about following our souls? The fact that you are here is the work of my soul coming alive! I selfishly long to live in a world where everyone is freely living out their soul's delight... in all of the creative, wild, fantastic, messy ways!!

I am a mindset speaker/teacher and a trained CTI Coach. My passion for understanding how our mind, brain, and bodies work... and work against us in the pursuit of our dreams started when I was working with GED students in my role in Adult Education. My passion for leading women's groups led me to start programs that would help build up powerful, confident women to become beautiful forces in this world. I have always been a gatherer of people... connecting friends, leading groups, running a yearly indie maker market. 

I am a Minnesotan. I live with my two very-much teenagers and two demanding cats. I am an INFJ. I'm real as fuck and would much rather talk about the mysteries of the world than the weather. If you know you're my kind of people, I can't wait to meet you!



What this is going to cost you...

The money...the easy part... money comes and goes and comes again. It's energy and is an important part of energy exchange. If you're wondering if the investment is worth it... Are you tired of being stuck in the static loops of life? Are you longing to start feeling alive? To get to a place where your soul and your daily life match? You'd rather not spend one more day here if you knew there was another option? If yes, then I am excited to have you join us!! If no, that's a good sign that this isn't the right path for you right now. Be sure to join my email list in case this opportunity resonates with you in the future! 

The time... the harder part... time is finite and we are all busy. In order for you to get the most out of this program it is important that you are able to attend all, or close to all, of our Tuesday gatherings and participate weekly in our online group. We're going to have fun, we are going to go deep, we are going to have a lot of "ah-ha" moments. It'll be one of the best, if not the best, part of your May (maybe year!) You are going to learn about yourself, grow, and get in touch with your soul. If you put the time in, you are going to be a badass soul-led woman by June. And you are going to have a some fierce woman by your side you will know as friends. 

Ignorance... we are going to cover some powerful information. Once you are done with this program you will understand yourself on a deeper, more powerful level. You will have control of what you want to do with this information... but there will be no going back to ignorance. That is your warning! 

I'm looking for a select group of women who are all guns-blazing! You don't have to know the way... that's the point of the program... You just have to have a longing to connect  your soul with your daily life! No more static loops. Life is too short!



Join us this May

Join the Email List
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  • I am not available every Tuesday in May, should I still sign up? 

    • Recordings will be available of the teaching portion of the program, but if you are going to miss more than one week I would suggest that you make sure to join my mailing list to get info when the next program is coming out. I want you to be set up for success and being fully engaged is an important piece to that. If now is not the right time, I look forward to working with you when the time is right!!

  • If I miss sessions can I get a refund for those days?

    • This program is sold as a package and a promise that I will be there every week for you. There is not refund available for missing portions for this program. ​

  • I have a women's group I would love to have go through your program. Do you work with private groups?

    • Yes! I would love to talk with you about facilitating a private online program! Email me at:

  • Do you ever open up your programs to men?

    • A lot of the live talks I give are to organizations (which include men). I currently only have women-only online programing, but if there seems to be an interest in a mixed-program, that's something I would consider. Let me know! ​

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